About Jumpin’ Jac Flash Photography

It’s all about capturing moments you can’t repeat. Those unrepeatable times frozen in time. From wedding celebrations to welcoming new bubbas into the world, I think there’s nothing more important than capturing images that reflect your style and I aim for nothing less than satisfaction. I’m bursting with ideas and ready to create the collection that suits you to a tee. I’m into you doing your thing. Enjoying life. Celebrating the love. There’s more to just taking the photo. I’m present. I’m there with you. I feel as though I’m apart of your journey and blessed to be trusted to capture such moments. I’ve been a memory taker for over 10 years and its my life. And what a beautiful life I live.


I’m into marriage celebrations. I’m into you doing your thing. I have no expectations. I have zero requirements. I like different. I like rad friends. I like outdoor all in one locations. I like family. I like grandma’s wrinkly hands and your snotty nosed nephew. I like your eclectic friend, your mum trying to feed me all day and I really like your overly friendly Uncle Stan. That’s what celebrations are. That’s what I like. I like getting to know you, your family, friends. I will capture your moments from intimate to hilarious and all the goo and epic-ness in between.

Jumpin’ Jac (in the flesh!)

I’m Jac (Jacinta), and I get photography. Or maybe photography just gets me. I’ve been photographing professionally for over 10 years now and feel truly blessed each and ever day that I have a job thats surrounded by such joyous times in peoples lives.

I like surrounding myself with all things great. The food, the people. Loved ones. Good times.  I always have a DIY project on the go or busy making a mess in the kitchen! I enjoy to travel too. Adventure all the way. The buzzing energy of the big smoke to heading down back roads to the small country towns. As long there is a tunes are great, I’m in!

I love celebrating life and its joys, birthdays, weddings, parties, you name it. Anything to create memories.

There’s something about celebrating that makes me joyous and also there’s always cake. I love anything that involves cake. I believe that a happy life is a full one and I love filling my life with beautiful people and making moments as well as photographing them.

And that’s just a little about me…. Your turn.