As a lifestyle photographer who’s all about connection, I like moments. The fair dinkum, high five, right on with two thumbs up moments. I’m quite fond of capturing all your free range love and letting the kids lead the way. There may be two of you.. or maybe four. Six. Plus five more or you.  Your pet dog Milo and your guinea pig called Basil. We don’t mind. Bring the tribe and let’s relish in your vibe.

Look, I’m not going to hold back from you. Things could get real. We’ll have some laughs, random acts of affection, a possible tantrum with a healthy dose of love.

You could get close, super close. You might talk, sit, walk, jump, run, sit again, kiss, hug and possibly laugh your face off….

We do all this in the comfort of your home or happy place. That place you feel alive. We take as long as we need to capture all the love, usually an hour or so. Your collection comes on USB in both colour and black + white for you to free range do as you please with your images.

So, rally up the love and come on adventure with me….

Glorious free range sessions + Online Viewing Gallery = Starting from $180

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